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Innovation and Impact in CME/CPD

Guest Editor

Kathy Chappell, Senior Vice President, American Nurses Credentialing Center, USA

Editorial Team

Fabiola de Andrade, Netherlands

Maryam Fourtassi, Morocco

Wasana Jayaratna, Sri Lanka

Thomas Kearns, Ireland

Carolin Sehlbach, Netherlands

Lawrence Sherman, USA

Aims and Scope

Through 2022 and early 2023 JCME published the Special Collection focusing on

Innovation and Impact in CME/CPD. The goal for this Special Collection is to highlight innovations in CME/CPD and the impact of engaging in CME/CPD across the professions, all stakeholder groups and around the world.

Papers addressed the following identified categories:

  • Team-based learning/interprofessional continuing education

  • Point-of-care/just-in-time education

  • Impact of CME/CPD on HCP practice and/or patient experience or outcomes

  • Innovative delivery strategies/pedagogy

  • Faculty development

  • Impact/outcomes of engaging in lifelong learning

  • Regulation/standards/policy

  • Experiences of and impact for various stakeholders in CME/CPD

  • Innovations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic

Hear more about the 2022 Special Collection from the Guest Editor in this European CME Forum podcast episode.

Special Collection 2022: About Us
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