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Innovation and Impact in CME/CPD

Kathleen Regnier, Dimitra V. Travlos, Daniel Pace, Sierra Powell & Allison Hunt (2022) Leading Change Together: Supporting Collaborative Practice through Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education, Journal of European CME, 11:1, DOI: 10.1080/21614083.2022.2146372

Yann-Maël Bideau & Thomas Kearns (2022) 
A European Approach to Micro-credentials for Lifelong Learning and Employability, 
Journal of European CME, 11:1, DOI: 10.1080/21614083.2022.2147288

Herman Stoevelaar, Amit Bahl, Nicky Helsen, Nele R.M. Michels, Louis Smets, Mark J. Speakman, Johan Stranne, Jaan Toelen, Frank Van der Aa, Luc Van Ruysevelt, Jessa Yperman, Thomas Zilli, Bertrand F. Tombal &
Martin C. Michel (2022) 
Personalised versus non-individualised case-based CME: A randomised pilot study, 
Journal of European CME, 11:1, DOI: 10.1080/21614083.2022.2153438

Graham T. McMahon (2023) 
Incentivising Higher Level Outcome Achievement in Continuing Education: Five-Year Experience from the ACCME Commendation Criteria, 

Journal of CME, 12:1,DOI: 10.1080/21614083.2022.2141937

Igal Iancu, Liron Zehavi & Boris Draznin (2023) 
Virtual Patient Simulation Offers an Objective Assessment of CME Activity by Improving Clinical Knowledge and the Levels of Competency of Healthcare Providers, 
Journal of CME, 12:1, DOI: 10.1080/28338073.2023.2166717

Stense Kromann Vestergaard, Ulla Bjerre-Christensen, Anne Mette Morcke & Torsten Risor (2023) 
Surrendering to the Process: Innovation in Developing CPD for General Practice, 
Journal of CME, 12:1, DOI: 10.1080/28338073.2022.2164141

Sharon Mitchell, Julien-Carl Phaneuf, Silvia Matilda Astefanei, Sissel Guttormsen, Amy Wolfe, Esther de Groot & Carolin Sehlbach (2023) 
A Changing Landscape for Lifelong Learning in Health Globally, 
Journal of CME, 12:1, DOI: 10.1080/21614083.2022.2154423

Michela Fiuzzi (2023) 
Outcomes and Observations of On-line CME Activities during the Pandemic, 
Journal of CME, 12:1, DOI: 10.1080/28338073.2023.2167286

Billy Jenkins, Katrina Lester, Alex Noble, Helen Such, Barbara Yawn & Alison Scott (2023)
Evaluating the Impact of Continuing Medical Education in the Interdisciplinary Team: A Novel, Targeted Approach, 
Journal of CME, 12:1, DOI: 10.1080/28338073.2022.2161730

Catherine Fitzgerald, Giuseppe Aleo, Dyanne Affonso, Witold Orlik, Paulann Grech, Cristina García-Vivar, Nina Kilkku, Jane Wray, Aisling Culhane, Zoltán Balogh, Manuel Lillo-Crespo, Nigel Harrison, Mario Gazić & Thomas Kearns (2023) 
Development of a European Centre of Excellence (Coe) for Research in Continuing Professional Development (UPGRADE), 
Journal of CME, 12:1,DOI: 10.1080/28338073.2022.2160092

Marco Antonio de Carvalho Filho, Carolin Sehlbach & Andrés Martin (2023) 
Co-Constructive Patient Simulation as an Experiential Tool for Continuing Professional Development in Healthcare,
Journal of CME, 12:1, DOI: 10.1080/28338073.2023.2192378

Heather Mack, Karl Golnik & Helena Prior Filipe (2023) 
Faculty Development of CPD Teachers in Low-Resource Environments Post-COVID-19, 
Journal of CME, 12:1, DOI: 10.1080/28338073.2022.2161784

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