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Computer Programming


Aims and scope

The goal of this special collection is to highlight the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI), with a focus on its impact and future potential in our profession. 
We are particularly interested in contributions that address the following:

  • Innovative uses of AI in education, planning, assessment and analysis

  • Challenges and solutions in adopting AI technologies

  • Ethical considerations and best practices in AI implementation

  • Predictions for the future impact of AI in CPD

  • Personal narratives of transformation or insight brought about by AI

Who should submit?

Authors from a wide range of stakeholders in continuing education are encouraged to submit to this special collection. Whether you are an experienced AI researcher, a practitioner who has integrated AI tools into your work, or someone who is just beginning to explore the possibilities of AI, your insights are valuable.
Authors are welcome to discuss their ideas and/or manuscript with the editorial team prior to submission.

Article types and Article Publishing Charges (APC)

Submissions can range from detailed research articles and case studies to brief commentaries reflecting on personal experiences with AI. The types of articles that will be accepted and the APC (excluding VAT or other local taxes where applicable) are outlined below:

  • "Research Article" up to 4,000 words (EUR 1,450 / USD 1,590)

  • "Review Article" / "Systematic Review" up to 4,000 words (EUR 1,450 / USD 1,590)

  • “Brief Report” up to 2,500 words (EUR 910 / USD 1,030)

  • “Comment” up to 1,000 words (EUR 455 / USD 515 or free with prior approval from the guest editor)

Waivers and discounts are available, especially for authors from Low and Low-Middle Income countries,
more information can be found here.

Submission deadline and publication 

The deadline for submission is 31 July 2024.

Articles will be processed and published as they are accepted.

Select papers will be discussed at the 17th Annual European CME Forum, held 6–8 November 2024, in Madrid, Spain.

From the guest editor

View the letter from the guest editor below for more information.

Hear more about the 2024 Special Collection from the guest editor in this European CME Forum podcast episode.

Special Collection 2024: About Us
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Andrew Crim, MEd, CHCP, FACEhp
Director of Education and Professional Development
American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Special Collection 2024: Feature
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