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2023 Special Collection: Expanding the voices in CME-CPD

Guest Editor

Lisa Sullivan, In Vivo Academy, Australia

Editorial Team

Jann Balmer (USA), Kathy Chappell (USA), Helena Filipe (Portugal), Darren Gillgrass (USA), Sharon Mitchell (Switzerland), Carolin Sehlbach (The Netherlands)

Aims and Scope

We are delighted to announce that JCME will be publishing a Special Collection focusing on Expanding the voices in CME-CPD. The goal of this Special Collection is to highlight different voices that are included in CME/CPD and how listening to and involving these voices adds value and impacts engagement across the professions, different stakeholder groups and around the world.

Authors are invited to submit a Research Article, Brief Report or Comment addressing the categories sought by this Special Collection.

Submissions will be accepted until 31 July 2023 and published during the fourth quarter of 2023.

Select papers will be discussed at the 16th European CME Forum, held 8-10 November 2023 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Lisa Sullivan was also recently invited to discuss the 2023 Special Collection on the European CME Forum podcast, click here to hear more from this year's Guest Editor.

Visit the 2023 Special Collection page to learn more about submitting your manuscript.

Share this information widely and tag #JCMEExpandingVoices in your social posts!

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