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JECME features on new CME-CPD podcast

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

European CME Forum Podcast launches!

The European CME Forum podcast launched today, with the first episode highlighting the JECME 2021 Special Collection.

The European CME Forum podcast is for anyone with an interest in CME-CPD and features expert guests exploring all things CME-CPD in Europe and globally, covering a broad range of subjects to address various aspects of CME-CPD planning, design, delivery, assessment and regulation.

JECME 2021 Special Collection episode (Part 1)

In Part 1 of this 2-part episode on the JECME 2021 Special Collection, JECME Editor-in-Chief Robin Stevenson speaks with Guest Editors Peter Henning (Professor and Director, Institute for Computers in Education, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences) and Reinhard Griebenow (Professor, Internal Medicine and Cardiology, University of Cologne; Chair, European Cardiology Section Foundation).

On today’s episode you will hear about:

  • What digitization is and how it differs from digitalization

  • How digitization can facilitate interactivity with learners

  • The types of digitized CME that could be the most successful

  • Whether digitized CME can address practice gaps

  • Why interrogating big data and AI is an exciting but potentially dangerous prospect

  • How physicians may be introduced to big data interrogation

  • How digitization can help outcome assessment

  • Ethical dilemmas and biases

More information on the 2021 Special Collection can be found here.

Follow this podcast today to receive regular updates from European CME Forum, JECME and the Good CME Practice group (gCMEp), and tune in next week to hear Part 2 of this JECME podcast episode.

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